1. A

    Use Webcam Parts with 5.8Ghz Reciever

    Hi, I have a camera taken out of an old usb webcam. It has four wires attached to and labeled on the board: 5V (red); DM (white); DP (green); and GND (black). I was thinking I could use it just like a 'normal' FPV camera and get a transmitter for it. However, it has four wires rather than three...
  2. O

    New Product Fpv quadcopter build

    Hey everyone, I recently built this amazing quad and I would like to share what it made of and my equipment. I truly recommend this build and equipment and Im sure you will enjoy it. Here is a link to a list of the parts with prices and links...
  3. A

    Cinematic Video with Plane?

    I'm not sure whether here, "drone" applies to ALL UAVs or just quadcopters, but- I have noticed that very few (closer to no) people online talk about/use RC planes for gimbal-type cinematic shots (like what you usually get from a racing drone). I have noticed that a few use 2-axis gimbals with...
  4. SaGO FPV

    What Do Yoy Think Anout My Video Guys ?

  5. A

    Could you please recommend a good RTF FPV kit compatible with my DJI RE goggles?

    Hi I am a racing drone newbie with some very basic tiny whoop experience (with my TinyHawk) which I found both exhilarating and frustrating. I love the way these tiny race drone fly, but I am deeply frustrated with the fact that most such drones require much more technical skills (or time to...
  6. T

    Which drone should i buy??

    Hi, I'm just your average man who wants to get into the drone hobby without breaking the bank. I have about $150 but I don't want to spend it all on a drone. I want one which can take good films / is hd ( 730p or 1080p ) and I can use as an fpv racer. I know this is a lot to ask, and I have...
  7. V

    a nice build

    new guy with ovonic fpv lipo battery, have a great punch, just $18.99, great deal
  8. E

    FPV feed trouble.

    Hi there guys! I am new to FPV Drones, I have built my own 210mm quad and everything works perfectly except for the FPV feed, I get a solid black screen when I am on the correct frequency. I used to unplug and replug the drone until the feed worked but that seemed pointless. so I took the quad...
  9. War Chest


  10. V

    Really Great Landscape Of flight

    nidici kun 5.5, matek-ctr, betaflight 3.5, xfire, fpv af 2507 2200kv, gemfan 6x4.2x3, ovonic 1550mah 4s.
  11. War Chest

    < S W A N K Y >

    I had some beach footage from a mid-range flight a few months ago that I never had a chance to put up so I wove it in here with a freestyle park flight from last week
  12. War Chest

    < S U N S E T - F R E E S T Y L E >

  13. erpoyo

    FPV Wiring for beginners

    Hi! Just created a small video for beginners on how to connect a FPV system with and without OSD (On Screen Display). Hope this is useful! :)
  14. BillM-RC

    TINY big WHOOP Eachine QX65 review of this micro fpv racer

    Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts TINY big WHOOP Eachine QX65 review of this micro fpv racer. With F3 Betaflight 3.2.2, 5.8G 48CH 700TVL Camera & F3 Built-in OSD, see for yourself. Frsky Taranis binding, Betaflight settings & under the hood peek included. You can get this here...
  15. J

    Wanting my very first drone

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and to drones completely. I'm looking to purchase my very first drone. I don't want to spend a fortune, I'm thinking no more than $70 CAD at the most. I'd like the drone to have a good camera, considering the price, it has to have FPV functions (doesn't need to be...
  16. J

    Bit of FPV fun that ends in a splash

    Hi All, Fun in the Autumn sun. This setup is my go to frame for trying anything new, the Armattan Chameleon is tough and feels dialled in with the Gemfan Windancer props. With that combination I know the quad will survive knocks and taps allowing more adrenaline and risks. The Crash - No damage...
  17. FPV Garage

    FuriBee DarkMax 220mm Brushless FPV Racing Drone

    Furibee is a Chinese brand available on Gearbest very active in the FPV market. One of the first and most interesting product was the Furibee Fuuton 200: a great $180 plug and fly drone. Then they delivered many models in the market (maybe too many?) and the Furibee Darkmax that we are reviewing...
  18. Eachine E010 FPV mod

    Eachine E010 FPV mod

    A short video of flying.
  19. Walkera F210 Flight Test With Tattu R-lin 95C Lipo

    Walkera F210 Flight Test With Tattu R-lin 95C Lipo

    Luckily to get three free Tattu R-line 4s 95c Lipo battery, and I then I test it for my Walkera F210. The Tattu R-Line 4s 1300mAh battery performed very well, punch-outs are even more impressive than with stock battery.
  20. S

    Need Help! What's Next

    Hi All, If anyone could offer me some advice. Have had a Mavic, superb photo/videography drone. Have a Hubsan 501sX4 which is a super drone, good photography and good fun to fly, spares are difficult to get hold of (UK based). So I'm looking to go FPV and start pushing drones a little...