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Use Webcam Parts with 5.8Ghz Reciever

Discussion in 'Drone Electronics' started by AwesomeCobra, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Posted by AwesomeCobra, Apr 6, 2020 #1
    I have a camera taken out of an old usb webcam. It has four wires attached to and labeled on the board: 5V (red); DM (white); DP (green); and GND (black). I was thinking I could use it just like a 'normal' FPV camera and get a transmitter for it. However, it has four wires rather than three like most. I read that DM and DP are both data lines, but as a high/low pair or something. What do I do with these? Is the camera usable with something like this?

    Camera.jpg Connections.jpg

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