Tattu 30A Blheli-S DShot 2-5S ESC Review


Tattu has just released their new 30A ESC for the BLHeli_S open source firmware. It's mini size, light weight, particularly suitable for FPV speed racing.

Tattu is well known for their Mini Quad LiPo batteries ( especially their R-line series lipo for Fpv racing), and they are now expanding into the ESC market with their 30A BLHeli_S ESC.

The Tattu 30A ESC’s come as a set of 4 in a really nice box. Probably the best packaging I have seen in ESC’s. They are sold at US$68 a set. They are also sold individually at $17 each.


And I Just put them on a quad and test them and I want to let you guys know how they perform, here is the review video:

Actually, these ESC perform with no issues and do so very smoothly. Being that they engineered these from the ground up it's easy to see that their strict quality control was present just as in the rest of their products.

· Current: 30A (40A burst)

· Support LiPo: 2S – 5S

· Weight: 6.5g (3.5g without wires)

· Size: 26 x 14.5 x 6mm

· Firmware: ·BLHeli_S V16.6 A-H-20

· ESC Protocols: DShot600, 300, 150, Multishot, Oneshot

· Power wire: 18AWG, 10cm (silicone wire)

· Signal wire: 15cm with servo connector (silicone wire)

These ESC’s are available at Tattu’s Shop: http://www.genstattu.com/ta-esc-30a-4pcs.html