1. L

    For Sale Hexacrafter, Avroto, Connex, Gremsy, Futaba, Gens Ace, DJI, Atomos, AerialPixels etc

    Aloha, I've been in the process of trying to build a heavylift X8 to carry my DSLR, but in the end it's just too much machine for me and my abilities to be able to get and keep it flying. I have decided to go to the Inspire 2 instead and am selling this all off to do so. Breaks my heart. All...
  2. Flora

    What Micro Quad Will You Use 300mah 3S On?

    Tattu 11.1V 45C 300mAh 3S Lipo Battery Pack with XT30 plug provide high quality, reliable power for your micro quad or FPV, but what quad or fpv, you'll put it on? :confused::confused::confused: pls reply to me below. Just wait for you!;);););) Brand Tattu Capacity(mAh) 300 Voltage(V) 11.1...
  3. Flora

    High Performance-price ratio Tattu 5200mah 2s for Your Drone

    This is one of the most common used batteries for UAV, Drones. Made from strong material for maximum performance. Just $18.99!! ,5200mah, isn't it very affordable? ;););) Specs: - Brand: Tattu - Capacity: 5200mAh - Voltage: 7.4V (2S) - Discharge Rate: 15C - Max Burst Discharge Rate: 30C...
  4. Flora

    News Wingsland S6 Pocket Selfie Drone 30% off!!

    Outdoor Edition Wingsland S6 Drone is the most attractive mini UAV to date. It boasts of such a slim body that it can easily slip into your pocket. Its 13MP camera and 3-axis EIS allow you to shoot awesome 4K aerial videos. The multifunctional App and multiple smart extensions engage you into an...
  5. Flora

    Tattu 30A Blheli-S DShot 2-5S ESC Review

    Tattu has just released their new 30A ESC for the BLHeli_S open source firmware. It's mini size, light weight, particularly suitable for FPV speed racing. Tattu is well known for their Mini Quad LiPo batteries ( especially their R-line series lipo for Fpv racing), and they are now expanding...
  6. ajgrattan

    For Sale Vulcan Harrier X8 Package

    Complete RTF system purchased Jan 2016. Not getting enough work to justify this system. All professional built and supplied by professional-multirotors.com VULCAN Harrier X8 DJI A2 V2 (GPS Pro Plus GLONASS support) KDE4014XF‐380 motors (x8) KDEXF‐UAS55HVC ESC´s (x8) 400A PDB, Motorized...