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Considering to change a career path to UAV

Discussion in 'Recreational sUAS Flyers Discussions' started by junmar, May 24, 2016.

  1. junmar

    junmar New Member

    May 24, 2016
    Posted by junmar, May 24, 2016 #1
    Hi there,

    I am Junmar, i've worked in a software company as a programmer. Ever since, i'm really a techie guy, and adventurous and not afraid to try new things. That's why i looked for another job. I have a second job now as an event organizer. From the day that i started as an event organizer i felt like i found myself. I mean i enjoyed being part of the team. It's really cool and fun.

    We use drones to record events that we've handle like parties, weddings, birthday, and etc, and anything that drones are involve i'm part of it. There, i've encountered lots of issues about drones like for example there was one time that our drones was lost and we couldn't find it anymore that's why we need to buy i new one good thing the sales agent from the store, he recommended me, because i shared to him what happened to my old drones, that it is better to attach a tracking device so that i will be able to locate it. So there i searched on google and i brought a trackimo tracking device. The good thing is the device will automatically alerting when sensing distress signals. So far, everything is good now, no more worries to my drones. And that's why i am here in such forums like this. Because i want to learn more and im' excited to share my experiences about drones. And i am thinking to my change career from working in software company into this(maybe a drone expert or have my own drone store) considering the fact that drones are huge now, i mean people are more interested now in drones and I believe it is a nice move.
  2. violetwolf

    violetwolf Member

    Apr 9, 2013
    Posted by violetwolf, May 27, 2016 #2
    You've come to a good place Junmar. Lots of experts here and friendly place. Welcome, and stick around. You'll like it.

    We'd like to hear more about your use of drones for events and weddings, and the rules in your country etc. :)

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