1. D


    It can handle 70 amperes in short bursts and it boasts a 32 bit computer on board. Gonna use it for my quad
  2. D

    New Drone!

    Hi everyone! We're new to this board but not new in drones. Our team is building a drone with completely autonomous navigation - INDOOR! Using beyond state of the art sensors that just a few years ago were deployed only by the military combined with Machine Vision, our drone will be able to...
  3. D

    To all drone experts and who simply loves drones!

    To all drone experts and who simply loves drones! What would you choose between and ? Why?
  4. Mitchie23

    Buying a semi pro drone

    Hi There, I'm looking for a "semi-pro" drone that I can use for aerial photography. I need one that has a very high quality of the camera. Also, something that can be synced via the cloud perhaps so I don't need to download the files all the time. I'm looking at some good reviews about DJI...
  5. Ralf

    News New Quadcopter Drone that’s made in America

    A new American made drone has been announced, it looks like a genuine competitor for the DJI Mavic type drones. The Skydio 2 quadcopter drone boasts groundbreaking AI that can help it fly around objects, video camera technology that produces 4K footage at 60 fps, Sony 12.3MP CMOS sensor for...
  6. harry_s

    Need Help! UK Drone experiences research - your help needed!

    Hi all, Just bought a drone? Already a professional? A drone enthusiast? Regardless, your help is needed! I am looking for drone/RPAS/UAV pilots and enthusiasts to be a part of research I am undertaking into drone flying practices in the UK. What are the aims of the project? I’m exploring...
  7. therealbrandi

    Check out the Plane OSU Seniors designed and built!

    Hey guys! I wanted to share what the Oklahoma State University team has been working on this semester! The team has designed and built this plane for their senior project. Named Sentinel, it has 14 pounds of thrust, 20 G capable Carbon Fiber Spar, Gimbal Camera, and it also has a deployable...
  8. Sasha Rezvina

    Calling All DJI Pilots for AR Drone App Beta

    My team is developing the first augmented reality drone flight software, and we're looking for beta testers. The software is designed to improve the experience of flying a camera and increase a pilot's control over the picture or video that the drone is capturing. Participants in the study will...
  9. L

    For Sale recently bough a drone

    Hey guys! I recently bought a new drone off a new tech and drone store https://hypnoticsintelligence.com/collections/drones/products/rc-quadcopter-mini-drone-nano-drones-pocket-drone-small-dron-remote-control-helicopter-shatter-resistant-shock-proof-rfd037 Thoughts?
  10. steve cutcher

    Jjrc h8d quadcopter (drone)

    Ok I got this dronge the one in the title jjrc h8d and everything was good intill I went to put in a new battery now the thing won't do anything with the red lights in the back on but none of the other lights. any ideas I have tried different batteries and even tried the one that came with it...
  11. P

    Drone survey

    Hello everyone I am conducting a survey as part of my diploma thesis and I need your help. The aim of the survey is the determination of consumer preferences regarding Drones, so if you own a drone or thinking about buying one please take some minutes of your time to answer the questionnaire...
  12. C

    Blade Inductrix

    Hi drone lovers. I am thinking about buying Blade Inductrix for my teenage son who wants to learn flying drones, it is cheap, small and durable. What do you think about it? Review that I read says that is very good price/quality ratio. Thank you!!
  13. sophia lee

    The multiple functions of Benewake LiDAR in Drones

    Benewake(www.benewake.com)is a national high-tech enterprise, with over 80 employees. The company is located in Keshi Building, Haidian district, Beijing. Benewake focuses on thesolid-state LiDAR.In 2016, the company received A+ round investment from Shunwei Capital, IDG Capital and Ecovacs...
  14. sophia lee

    TFmini Lidar—A new way to make drones open eyes

    Drones are usually blind—even those carrying cameras rely on a human to navigate safely and spot obstacles. But the autocopter we created used a prototype of a new compact lidar system, TFmini, to detect its surroundings and track other aircraft. As the drone takes off, you can see the traces...
  15. SkyerUAS

    Spark & Beach

    Happy weekend everyone! Here's a short video of the holiday weekend in the clear sandy beaches of the gulf. Brought the Spark to capture some aerial perspectives, such as the family of stingrays that can be seen swimming next to the shores in several shots. As always, thanks for watching. Any...
  16. sophia lee

    Drone Flight note in the winter

    In winter, the weather was cold, The operation of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is put forward higher request, in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was the operator and the heat preservation problem of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and battery.First of all, regardless of other body parts, not to...
  17. sophia lee

    What industries would need drones?

    UAVs(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has been used commercially since the early 1980s. The amazing capabilities of UAVs services can replace traditional ways on different business activities. According to PwC analysis on commercial applications of drone technology, the emerging global market for...
  18. Tersus RTK Engineer

    GNSS RTK Solutions for Dornes

  19. Utsav Chopra


    FlytPi Kit is a turnkey companion computer pre-loaded with FlytOS Commercial Edition for Pixhawk / Pixhawk Mini / Pixhawk2 / Cube Autopilot. Simply connect FlytPi to your drone autopilot with a specially designed cable and enhance the capabilities of your drone. The kit also comes with a...
  20. A

    Other Best Drones in 2017

    DJI Spark, DJI Mavic Pro, GoPro Karma, Parrot BeBop 2 FPV, Yuneec Typhoon, DJI Phantom 4, Autel Robotics X-Star Premium, DJI Inspire 2, XIRO Xplorer V, AirDog can be named the best drones of 2017 All of these models are pretty good. Every model has it's pros and cons. My favourites are: DJI...