fpv setup

  1. Dead Reckoning

    New to the FPV aspect and want to learn

    Hi All- I am new to the FPV aspect of drones. I am fairly knowledgeable, or so I think, on how the video set up works. What I would like help on is setting up a decent FPV entry level race drone. I am starting from scratch here, so any and all help is appreciated. I haven't yet settled on a...
  2. D

    Need Advice: FPV range w/TS832&GOPRO 4 is < 100M on TAROT 680 PRO

    Greetings Everyone and Thank You : )) This is my first time ever posting in a forum so please leave feedback if im not doing this right. Problem: Whether im using my Quanum Fatshark Genesis V2 Goggles with FS Spironet 13DBI Patch and Makerfire Circular Polarized Antenna or a Black Pearl...