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  • Hey Droider. I'm looking for people to test my company's new UAV. You would receive the prototype in late 2015 and make a video flying it around and giving us feedback. If you're interested, please submit your email on galileousa.com and share the link with anyone else you think would be interested. Thanks!
    Hi Droider.
    How do you manage to setup multiple DJI NAZA's? Do you install (separate directory) another Assistant?

    I now have a Discovery almost ready to go - but I think that I need to separate the two so I can adjust one or the other as needed.

    Thanks for your help.
    Thought it was you but was not sure, clocked you at the deer fence on the way up the gondola and passed you on the road out. Shame I couldnt make it to the event, would have loved to seen the riders giving it all after having ridden the DH myself....of a fashion!!
    Hi Dave

    I have been told that you are not very far away from me ? I am in Poulton Le Fylde. I am an experienced heli builder/repairer/pilot etc, that is just starting into MR by ordering an F450 with NAZA. Maybe not the ultimate but I feel it is a good starting point. If you are relatively local I would like the chance to meet and pick your brains on FPV systems in particular. I am still learning all the MR specific terms right now like IMU and XYZ, but it will not take long I am sure.

    I have held a PPL for over 50 years now, learning via a Flying Scholarship through the cadet force at school, although it is currently lapsed, but is indicates my ongoing affair with aviation, and I want to use FPV to enable me to still "fly the friendly skies" and enjoy that wonderful feeling of looking out of the cockpit.

    Anyway, let me know. Have a great Easter
    Cheers, Ian
    Hello Dave,
    I am flying a Droidworxs ADX4-HL with Photohigher AV 130. Mostly in combination of Panasonic HDC-SD800 with 0.7 wide-angle lens, adding some 250 grams to the total of 350 grams of camera.
    I have the CGV of the camera lined-up with the CGV of the gimbal (CGV falls in place with the CGV of the gimbal), the camera placed on gel pads and I am almost free of high freq. vibrations. However, I read your remark about using geld in between the mounting plate and landing gear, as you proposed. I have a few questions:
    1) do you use one layer of the gel (3 mm thick) or two?
    2) do the bolts attaching the plate to the mount need isolation too?
    3) What are your experiences with this combination?

    By the way, I just ordered a CC BEC Pro powersupply to get rid of some jittering of the nick-axis,

    Kind regards,

    Replied via email a week ago Dave and no reply yet, just ring me when you gat a minute pls 01200 453820 office hours then I can get the LED's sorted.

    I'll warn you now this one has a bit of yaw drift. I've fixed it and hopefully will package a new version tomorrow. However, what you are describing with a sudden 90 deg error is quite weird. That does sound like a glitch, but if one of the motors were failling I would expect you to describe a simultaneous pitching/rolling. However, maybe the stabilization parameters aren't high enough? The other possibility is the yaw gyro giving grief, but then I would expect constant spinning rather than a short transient.

    That's quite strange about TX calibration. Normally that will be quite reliable if your transmitter is reliable. You aren't changing the trims or anything are you? When you say TX calibration isn't working well do you mean the sticks aren't centered in GCS or the quad isn't sitting level?

    Plush 25A with KDA 20-22L.
    Dave, can you do me a favour? I have been having problems with my Gu 344 controller for the past while. I have swopped out Motors and ESC's and redone all connections on two separate occasions, all to no avail so I suspect the problem is the Gu 344.

    I intended to install the CC board but Gary tells me that the CC is out of stock and it may be a month until the next run is available. If you have converted can you let me try your Gu 344, that is if you haven't sold it ? At least this will pinpoint where the problem is ?

    Hi Chris.. Its a big decision you are making and Quadrocopter I am sure will understand your dilemma as a first time buyer of a multirotor.. before I go much further tell me what do you want to use it for mainly?

    Stills or Video?
    Hi Droider,

    I'm very close to pulling the trigger on my new Mikrokopter but I've been so wishy-washy I'm probably driving the guys at Quadrocopter nuts. I was first set on the OktoXL then the Okto2 then the Hexa, and so on. After reading your posts and some other info on the Y designs I'm starting to think of those now. I was just hoping you could let me know what motors and LiPos you have running on your ADX3 and what kind of flight times and payload you are getting. I will be mounting a GH2 camera (600g) and an FPV camera. I couldn't find much info for the Y frames online.

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