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    Hey Steve, sorry about the delay in replying, the internet onboard here is intermittent at best. ROV client reps do tend to be looked on with suspicion lol like you say, generally because there is no fooling us lol. Id thought of owning a UAS for a little while, but having had a conversation recently an idea sprung to mind for an application for them offshore, so its been taken off the back burner again lol.&nbsp;<br><br>Ive never had any experience with Helis, other than flying in them that is! lol So, Ive a long way to go. Need to get the equipment and get the flying hours under my belt and then do the BNUCs. Its not going to happen quickly or be cheap. I will put a few feelers out and see how my idea is received by the powers that be and take it from there. Either way, I think it will be a nice hobby for me to get in to. I was playing with the idea of getting a Heli as well. Any suggestions?&nbsp;<br><br>Rich
    Who's Chris? lol Up until recently I worked mainly with work class, Tritan, Spartan, MRV, Sealion. The last year Ive been working on SMD quasars and quantum's. Ive also worked with Seaeye Eyeballs in the past e.g. Falcon, Lynx, Tiger. For the last couple of months Ive been Client Repping on wind farms.

    I used to be staff with Sonsub and then Fugro Rovtech. After a year working agency Ive setup my own company and things are going well.

    YUP .. I am trying to spend some time on here , it is hard. I spend 12 hours a day on the phone (tech support and 14 hours a day arguing with China to fix propellers, etc and 16 hrs aday working ... Thats long days, what can I do for ya :). Sorry, felt compeled to joke about something.
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