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  • Hey there,

    I live/fly in Greeley on the East side of town. XA has a really good frame and it flys well in a basic config. The GPS has been troublesome and i think they are about to sort it out with the release of their Autopilot module. The unhappy folks are the ones with no copter experience. They have unrealistic expectations and are grumpy it doesn't fly itself... I really like the platform and it is starting to give me good results. (I have had to work at it though, but that's the reward though eh?) I'll keep posting vids and experiences with the platform.
    Hi ColoradoBob! I too live in Colorado, in the Aurora/Centennial area. I don't have one yet but I've been looking @ a multi rotor. Currently I fly a Align Trex 600 and have mounted a GoPro directly to its chassis. My dad bought a XAircraft last fall and it ended up getting a mind of it's own and just flying away. We have no clue where it ended up as he lives in norther Michigan and his closest neighbor is miles away. I have no clue what mode he was in (his username on this board is Topflight) but this is why I'm being so cautious in my purchase. I've heard lots of bad things about XAircraft...but then again I hear good things too (just like anything else I suppose). Anyways, I was just wondering if you fly anywhere in the Centennial Aurora area so I could check out your 650v8. I also have a couple flying videos up on youtube (I saw yours)...you would have to filter through videos of my kiddo's but I have several flying videos from my GoPro (search Tinycv66 on youtube).
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