Hello. My name is Ken. I have a mini quad 350 with 6in Azure tri-blade props. My flight controller is the pixhawk mini. My firmware / ground station is Mission Planner. Brand new ECO 2400kv motors. I'm not yet into high speed racing acrobat type of flying. I'm more into low to medium speed & getting some good aerial video. I'm experiencing some tremendous amount of wobble. I'm not saying vibration in the video. I'm saying the whole unit wobbles. When I arm the motors & they spin up it's stable. But once I increase the throttle even before takeoff it starts to wobble. During the entire duration of the flight it wobbles. It does seem to settle a bit when moving around. The wobble is more pronounced when hovering. I don't think I have any loose screws or anyting everything seems to be nice and tight. Do these props need to be balanced or am I using the wrong props for my setup and my style of flying? Does it need to be tuned? In the attached video the wobble is more noticeable if you zoom in. It can also be heard. All advice and suggestions that are meant help me fix this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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When uploading the video it loads up to 100% but then it stalls. It's been sitting on 100% for at least 30 minutes. It will not complete the upload.

Jason S

Im not good with pixhawk but the best way is to upload a video here is youtube then post the link. Have you tried different props 2 blades vs the 3 blades it may be causing something that i cant see?