Welcome MultiRotorForum Members to DroneVibes!

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We are excited to announce that MultiRotorForums.com has been acquired by DroneVibes.com

DroneVibes is a newer community focused on drones and everything related to them. It was founded early this year by the very same individuals who started and operated RC Universe. We have also assembled a team of experts in the drone industry along with the aforementioned web technology team.

Bart (MultiRotorForums founder) has built an incredible community and culture here and we inquired some time ago about acquiring it and the timing was right so we finalized the deal. So what does this mean for you and the members here at MultiRotorForums? We will be bringing you a new fresh look to the site while still using the same exact underlying forum software engine you are all familiar with. There should be very little in the way of transition headaches.

We have imported all the users, logins, posts, threads, ratings, etc to the new website so your logins will function normally on the new site. All your posts, messages, etc will all be there and preserved now that the transition is completed. Please login and check your settings at your leisure.

So along with the new look, we also will be bringing you lots of content. There will be show coverage, new product coverage, reviews, experts fielding your questions, a weekly podcast and much more.

So please enjoy the site and rest assured all your historical posts, messages should all be transferred over. We look forward to providing you great service and a strong community here. Our team is very excited about the future and we hope you are excited as well.

The DroneVibes Team -
Erick, Marc, Nathan, Paul, Petr


Welcome to MultiRotorForums.com!!
Very nice to see the migration went well and best of luck to the DroneVibes.com team!

All that we had at MRF was a great group of people and with that we made a great community. To be truthful, I was a lousy host! There were so many more projects that I had in mind that I never got to and a few that got started and never finished. We had great people though and with the migration they're all here so there's no excuse for not keeping it going and soldiering on!

Looking forward to seeing everyone back here from time to time.....as you can imagine, my wife has a very long list of stuff to do now that I have a little bit of free time!



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Thanks Bart. It's been a pleasure working with you and you are always welcome here at the DroneVibes/MultiRotorForum community. We hope to carry the torch and make you proud.

Our whole team wishes you much success on your endeavours going forward as well.

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