AR Drone Visuo XS812 problems during take-off. It doesn't go up straight...


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I have some problems with my Visuo XS812.
After crashing in a tree it felt and it seems to be broken. During take-off it went up 10 centimeters and then went down.
So I thought there was some contacts ruined in the circuit.
I disassembled totally the drone and circuites and I have welded al cables with the motherboard again.
After assembled all parts I tried again to pilot the drone.
After first steps about calibration, lif led, etc, I let the drone go up, but it went up crooked and went over a wall. :D
Now I can't understand what could be the problem.
Before opening the drone it went up only 10cm (straight) to then go down.
Now it go up but it take another direction and don't go up straght.
What coud be the problem?