Understanding Lithium Polymer batteries


Just about embarrassed to make this post. I caught Quadcopter fever a few years ago when they first began their popularity. By 'fever', I mean I bought about a dozen of them ... in several varying sizes. Bought an 'advanced' charger too, .. expecting to become a 'use them often' hobbyist. Here is my problem .... never had time to learn to fly 'em. Many are still in their original pkgs. Bought one 'high end' one (at the time ... or so I thought) .... a

Anyway, the point is I have all these products ... the Parrot (flown a little once) and another 'large' one never flown at all .... brand new, and a bunch of micro sizes ..... most unused/never unboxed. All have been sitting for several years and very little if at all flown.

Well, I yearn to enjoy them again ... and hesitate to do anything with them because of how long they sat unused AT ALL. Many not even out of their pkging.

The question is ... how do I 'get started' finally .... under these conditions? No, not 'get started' on flying them, but getting their batteries into working order (charging). I have read this thread ... which is pretty scientific .... and could handle it I think if these products had not been sitting so long. It is only that which I am seeking advice. I suppose it is to determine the condition of each product's battery at this time. I can probably do that from the lesson provided in this thread, ... but COMMENTS beforehand would also be valuable.

Comments/advice are/is appreciated in advance.