turnigy 9x for eachine wizard x220


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as you might have already guessed, i'm a total beginner and know next to nothing about drones. I scored an eachine wizard x220 on marketplace a while ago, and had a turnigy 9x transmitter and 9x8c receiver laying around.
i'm now trying to connect the receiver to the drone, which I assumed would'nt be all to hard. aparantly, it is. i'm quite sure the receiver and transmitter are bound correctly, as the light on the receiver comes on as soon as i switch the transmitter on. the original receiver that came in the x220 (there was no transmitter with it, only receiver) was connected with 3 wires. i asumed this is also how i should plug in the turnigy receiver, but on whichever pins i put the servo cable, i get nothing for a signal in cleanflight.

I would love to hear what i'm doing wrong, or if its just not going to work.
thanks in advance!