Top Drone Parts Companies


1. Drone Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
ESC stands for Electronic Speed Controller, and they control the speed of the motors in drone. The ESC receives throttle signals from the flight controller, and drives the brushless motor at the desired speed.

There is a working current on the label of ESC, such as 20A, 30A, etc. This is the maximum continuous working current of ESC, and if it continues to exceed the current, the ESC will burn out. When the multirotor drone is moving at high speed or hovering in a windy environment, the working current will be greatly increased. Therefore, we should try to select ESC with larger working current than normal’s when the price and structure space permitted.

Also, ESC has internal resistance, the heat dissipation performance should be paid highly attention to when choosing a suitable ESC.

Using good quality ESC will for sure bring you with a reliable and smooth flight experience.

* ESC company Recommend: HOBBYWING

HOBBYWING is dedicated to developing and manufacturing different brushless power systems (motors & ESC) and relevant electronic devices for RC cars, boats and aircraft for all players.

2. Drone Motors
The motor is an essential part of the power system of UAV.

The continuous maturity of brushless motor technology is also an important technical basis for UAV industry. Compared with brush motor, brushless motor has the advantages of high efficiency and lifespan.

A motor is indicated by 4 numbers like 2207 or others. It 27 shows the diameter and (07)shows the height of the rotor in millimetre (mm). The bigger the motor gets, the higher the thrust it can generate.

KV represents the speed at which the motor rotates for every volt applied to the motor. The value of KV is multiplied by the voltage equal to the idle speed of the motor (revolutions per minute).

* Motor company Recommend: T-MOTOR

T-motor is a brand which specialize in UAV’s propulsion system, with full coverage-product line of components from light weight FPV racing motor to heavy lift brushless motor, carbon fiber propeller ESC, the whole propulsion system, which also set the standard in the UAV industry.

3. Drone Battery

The battery is also one key part of the drone, the main drone power battery type is Lithium Polymer battery (LiPo Battery) on the market, compared with other battery type, lithium polymer battery has higher energy density, higher discharge Rate and better performance. lithium polymer batteries are made of several cells in series or parallel, normally, every single cells has a standard full voltage of 4.2V and a rated voltage of 3.7V.

Intelligent battery is specially designed for UAV drone. What’s the difference? Smart battery with a built-in Battery Management System(BMS) which could have functions as below: balance the charging protection, charging temperature protection, Over charge/discharge protection, short circuit protection, SOC Indicator, battery daily record, charging temperature protection, over-current protection, etc...

* Drone Battery Company Recommend: GREPOW
Grepow is the Leading Global Professional Customize Battery Manufacturer, HQ founded in 1998 in China and now has two branch both in USA ( and EU(

Specialized in the research and production of NIMH/LIPO/LiFePO4. Grepow possesses the tech from cell design, structural design, BMS design to pack design.

4. Charger
Lithium Polymer battery (LiPo Battery) is usually charged by the charger with balance function, which will automatically adjust the charging voltage of each battery cell to get maximum consistency.

This is also the safest and most common used charging way on the market.

* Charger company recommend: Sky RC

Sky RC, established in 2008, specializing in chargers and power supplies, providing the highest standards in both product expertise and customer service. They are well known for iMAX B6AC charger which is the most common charger used in the RC hobby industry at the beginning. Of course, for drone battery charger, EVPEAK is also worth knowing, they focus on dedicated charger for uav, intelligent balance charger and so on.