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To Buy Now Or Not To Buy Now?

Discussion in 'Racer Air Frames' started by SFC76, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. SFC76

    SFC76 Member

    Mar 27, 2015
    Posted by SFC76, Sep 15, 2015 #1
    Hi all,

    I bought my son a nice semi-pro 2WD Basher for his birthday, which he crashed ito a steel planter within an hour of unpacking. But that's another story.
    I also bought a cheap FPV kit way before this vehicle and decided to plant it on my son's basher whilst fixing it; I was quite shocked with the instant gratification.
    This was the computer game named "Revolt" incarnate. Yes, youtube does show cool FPV footage, but when you're on the stick doing it live..

    I had a lot of fun, trees, flips (the ones not involving the actual intended maneuver), successful flights, broken props, useful data from log files, dents in ego..and the list goes on..with my S500 quad.
    But I felt the urge to find something else to cut the grass, ehm..I mean fly. A 250 class FPV racer!

    I know this is the general FPV discussion, but I'm not even close to being qualified to post in the FPV Racing section so bare with me. I've done my homework, I narrowed it down with a Google quest but there are a few holes in my final decision.
    Some of them are hard to fill, either from 288 search results or posts with 406 pages on any average forum search.
    My envisioned setup would contain:

    - Diatone #37 full CF with PCB v2.0 (I need a BEC somewhere, it's not going to come from the BL16A's)
    - DYS BE1806 2300KV motors
    - DYS BL16A ESC's (light and small but overkill, aka rookie proof)
    - 6020 carbon T-mount props (according to Google 6" will fit but close, correct me if I'm wrong)
    - A Zippy Compact 3S, 1500-2200-ish (I love those batts; cheap and amazing capacity-weight-price ratio)

    That's for the basics, but then the control and OTA department..

    - I got the FPV kit (range is far exceeding the range I feel comfortable with for now)
    - I want something small and 32 bit (CleanFlight?)
    - I would love to be able to use my old school 35 MHz transmitter
    - I would like the option of adding OSD (preferably with altitude, atificial horizon and speed readouts)
    - I need the option of turning off acro mode (hey, I'm a rookie)

    So, knowing how well my Corona RP8D1 performed, I opted for an RP6D1 which is lighter and smaller (and a loaded whip antenna conversion). Besides, I will only need four control channels and a channel to switch between acro and stab.
    But can I use this Jurassic equipment with CleanFlight?

    The choices of flight controllers boils down to a few; Naze32 full, Flip32+, CC3D or a relatively new EMAX Skyline32 Advanced, because of budget.
    As far as I found, the Skyline does not support FC TX/RX functionality for OSD, is this correct? (would this be hard or software?)
    Some hate the micro molex style connectors, but is the AWG really too thin to justify the trouble of direct wire soldering to the FC?
    If it at all works with a synthesized PPM (FM) receiver, would this 'ancient' technology benefit from 'OneShot125' and 'damping light'?

    But anyway, everyone has come to that moment of "to click buy now or not to click buy now". I just need a few opinions before "the click without CTRL+Z".

    Sorry for the long post, have a starchy tuberous crop..whith wheels or props, which ever you prefer ;).

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