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Three in One! Manor, WatchTower and Park!

Discussion in 'Aerial Photography and Video Discussion' started by DimDim, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. DimDim

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    Jul 17, 2019
    Posted by DimDim, Apr 9, 2021 #1
    The complex consists of the Swedish Gate, Priekule Manor building and the manor viewing tower. Korff barons ruled in Priekule since the 15th century. At that time the manor itself and the manor fortifications were built to defend against pillagers. The drive-through Swedish Gate was built in 1688 and its central part was decorated with the Korff Family coat-of-arms, silver bullet and maskaron carved in Gotland sandstone. Two threatening stone guards stood in the niches built in both sides of the passageway of Priekule manor gate. There was a belief before World War II – those kissing the gate guard’s bellybutton will be happy in the future. Today the Swedish Gate is guarded by wooden soldiers made by a local craftsman, but the belief about kissing the bellybutton still exists. Priekule manor was built in the 18th century and experienced extensive reconstruction in the second half of 19th century supervised by the famous architect Paul Max Berchi; parade stairs, second floor hall exit-balcony and the manor viewing tower were built within the reconstruction. In 2014, during the Fest of Icarus, “The Genealogy tree of barons von Korff 15th–20th century” was opened in the gateway of the Swedish Gates. Today the manor is the home of Priekule Secondary School.

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