The Mavic Pro has Arrived 1 day early, Test flight Vid!


It was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow the 26th, so i didnt expect anything today so i slept like a baby after a night shift. Woke up around 11 saw a note on my gate, called FedEx right away they asked the driver if he can redeliver and he said yes because for some reason they cant hold this package for me at the hub, who knows why thats weird. Anyways, so the guy redelivered about 2 hours before i had to run to work so i put batter and remote on charge and as soon as they hit 100% i decided to do a quick fly test. You can fly without the phone connected, but you do need to activate it with a phone and then turn off beginner mode in order to fly without phone. You guys enjoy!!! Your orders are coming and its worth the wait!!!!