Tehachapi Loop

John Locke

Weather permitting, I will host a meetup at Tehachapi Loop, where trains over 4000' long will loop over themselves. This loop is about 30mi East of Bakersfield. The flight area is rural. There are constant moving trains in both directions about every half hour to fly and capture. The launch site is epic, about 50' higher than the track, overlooking the entire track loop. There is room for about 5 pilots, so the first 4 guys that want to do this, I will provide coordinates of the meeting spot. There will be demonstrations of Litchi software for those interested. Tentatively I am targeting Saturday Nov 12. The date may be moved depending on weather. PM me if interested.


just joined today.
a bit late for this. but as a foamer maybe next time (mid week possible?) i work weekends.