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Quanum Cyclops FPV Goggle

Discussion in 'Racer Technical Discussions' started by safety3rd, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. safety3rd

    safety3rd Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    Posted by safety3rd, Aug 30, 2016 #1
    Quanum FPV heralds in the new age of lightweight plug & play style FPV headsets packed with more features than its closest competitors. Introducing the Quanum Cyclops FPV Goggle.

    Lightweight and super comfortable the Quanum Cyclops is one of the best FPV Goggles on the market today using a rear mounted battery pouch for optimum weight distribution and soft sponge rubber facial foam lined with smooth sweatband material for maximum comfort. The one piece molded plastic shell design even allows for those that need to wear glasses during FPV flying.
    The 5”, 800 X 480 non blue screen monitor and integrated 40 Channel Raceband compatible receiver maximizes the users immersive FPV experience.

    A true Plug and Play solution that is compatible with Jack, XT60 or even 9 Volt style battery plugs can be used with 7.4 to 12.6 Volt power inputs.
    No need to be “One Eyed” about your next FPV Goggle purchase the Quanum Cyclops is the natural progression, just power it Up, Autoscan to your FPV Channel and your flying, Boom Done!

    • Plug & Play
    • 5” TFT Monitor with new 3X magnification lens
    • 800 X 480 non-blue screen monitor
    • Focal length adjustment
    •New design allows use with glasses
    • Extra comfortable sponge rubber cushioning strips for facial comfort
    • Adjustable elastic 3 position head strap
    • Durable lightweight plastic molded shell
    • On Screen Menu with adjustable brightness and contrast controls
    • 3 Types of battery connections
    • 1-button Automatic channel scanning
    • 40 channels covering A, B, E, F and Racing bands
    • 7.4 to 12.6v input range


    Quanum Cyclops FPV Goggles - Product Profile - HobbyKing Live (6 min 14 sec)

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