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1001copters.com Photohigher camera mount

Discussion in 'Drone Vendor Announcements and Support' started by 1001 Copters, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. 1001 Copters

    1001 Copters Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Near Paris, France
    Posted by 1001 Copters, Jun 19, 2011 #1
    Hi :)

    It has been a long journey but finally the photohighers camera mount are arrived in my webshop :)

    I have the three classical models: AV 100, AV 130 and AV 200.

    The AV-100 is a new product: it's only stabilized in tilt. You can have a roll stabilization by the natural weight of your camera but I suggest to dampen it a bit (to avoid boucing).
    It can handle a 550D (plus fisheye as you can see on the photo ;) )

    The AV 130 is stabilized in roll and tilt with quality servos and external potentiometer (10 turns). AV 130 has the same internal dimension than the AV 100: it can also handle the 550D

    The AV 200 is the big girl of this team :) It can handle the canon 5D mark II or the 7D.

    I strongly suggest to use a separate power source for the servos: these little guys can request up to 5 amps in full charge (for example mechanical end).

    I will soon make a manual for the AV 130/AV 200 panoramical mount.

    Final word: I'm a customer before being a merchant and I HATE ordering a product, paying it and receiving an email saying that the product is out of stock and will be available in... "perhaps 3 or 4 weeks .. maybe..."
    That's why if you order a Photohigher camera mount from 1001 copters you are sure to receive it as soon as the postal service can run ;)

    If you have any questions about these products , contact me there or on my webshop ;)

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