Phobotic Gimbal - Similar to Movi M10/M15


I originally built this over a year ago before the M15 was available. I needed something that would give me room to attach a Red Epic with batteries.

I'd say 99% of my work is with a GH4 now, and I've purchased an M5 to get the Freefly follow focus.

Included are three 8018 Gimbal motors, Catalyst Machineworks gimbal cages (v1 which use imperial threaded screws), a Phobotic Centerpiece HV, a tarot 25mm battery sled (not pictured), and a Catalyst IMU mount for the second IMU. The Freefly toad in the hole is not included.

Here's a link to demo footage. There's one top down shot on a golf cart which is from an old GoPro video. The rest is shot on a gh4 and Rokinon 16mm.

Here's a link to a recent flight of the gimbal with a 50mm lens on a GH4 and speedbooster (71mm full frame equivalent).

I'd like to get $1300 (shipped and paypal), but I'm open to offers.

front.jpg gh4.jpg motor.jpg motor2.jpg panaxis.jpg red balanced.jpg Side.jpg


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