Other Parrot Bebop 2 Skycontroller 1 or 2?


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I am looking to pick up a new Bebop 2 in the next week or so. I can find kits with either sky controller pretty easily (the FPV package a little more), but I can't decide which one to get. I like the camera pan controls on the right grip of the skycontroller, and the FPV part isn't a big deal to me because I can use my Google Cardboard for that. Is there any other reasons to pick up the FPV kit with my Bebop 2?


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I have a bebop 1 with the sky1. The one beef I have is that I cant fit the controller in a simple sized bag or case. When I go fly my drone and all my tools/batteries fit in a nice backpack case then I have to lug the skycontroller over my shoulder. For simply size I'd go with the 2....and yes I use a cheap $10 VR headset for FPV, no need to get suckered into buying that package.