New way to take drones down


It seems to me there is a lot of superstition attached to drones. I would approach the man with the it is autonomous I would have a problem. I went flying in a deserted park near me, soon there was security companies riding slowly past, checking me out. They probably reported back "Its just an old man who seems a little afraid of his flying machine" Well now that we know how they will bring down a drone with the right longitudinal wave, one can take preventative measures? It would be easier if one could pick up the controllers frequency, determine the type of coding, and crank up the power and land the drone near yourself. But why would one interfere with a drone, sounds like some one standing on the side of the road and shooting randomly at passing motorists? Who is the cranky one in these setups?


with all the new anti drone laws, we need some protecting our rights and property from attacks. as if done "wrong" it can maim or kill people not in this area. aka: someone just walking by.


Who is the cranky one in these setups?

Imagine you're at an outdoor concert, or a football game, or any other large gathering outdoors and a large drone comes flying in. That is cause to worry and that drone needs to be neutralized. But for the vast majority of enthusiasts, I'm with you, that we need freedom to fly responsibly and safely where we wish without disturbing others.