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Aeroxcraft New! Hornet 250 (FPV Racing Airframe)

Discussion in 'Drone Vendor Announcements and Support' started by AeroxLee, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. AeroxLee

    AeroxLee Member

    Oct 3, 2013
    Posted by AeroxLee, Aug 17, 2015 #1
    AXC Hornet 250

    The AXC Hornet 250 FPV Racer is the revolutionary 250 class FPV drone racing frame from Aeroxcraft. Designed for use with 1806 sized motors, 5" props and 3S Lipos it suits most FPV racing league rules and helps to keep costs down.

    The AXC Hornet 250 slices through the air unlike a lot of generic FPV racer designs and the slender carbon/aluminium motor arms help to maximise the available thrust. Add the forward tilted motor mount option and you're a serious race contender.

    Built from tough, lightweight Carbon Fibre and Aluminum to withstand the rough and tumble FPV racing environment.

    *Fedex International Priority Shipping - Free to US


    Kit Includes:
    • 1x 50mm Dia Carbon Fibre Main Tube (CNC Cut/Engraved Carbon Fibre 2/2 Twill 3k)
    • 4x Motor Arms (Carbon Fibre / Anodised CNC Machined Aluminium)
    • 1x Power Distribution Board PCB
    • 1x Nose Cone
    • 1x Tail Cone
    • 8x Subframe Spacers (Anodised CNC Machined Aluminium)
    • 1x Subframe Bulkhead A (FPV Camera mounting)
    • 1x Subframe Bulkhead B (RX Mounting)
    • 1x Subframe Bulkhead C (Flight Controller Mounting)
    • 1x Subframe Bulkhead D (Rear bulkhead)
    • 1x LED Cluster (12 Very bright LEDs for the Tail Cone)
    • 1x Velcro Lipo Battery Straps
    • 1x High Quality Hardware and Fasteners Pack
    Lightweight Design:
    • Frame Weight: 135 grams (4.75 oz)
    • FPV Take Off Weight (inc. 3S 1400mah battery, Fatshark Transmitter): 500 grams (17.6 oz)
    • Aerodynamic Design
    • 248mm diagonal prop distance
    • All aluminium parts are CNC machined from billet and then anodised. No cheap castings here!
    • Power Distribution Board
    • Bonded Aluminium / Carbon fibre arms
    • Arm Options: 0 deg tilt / 15 deg forward tilt
    • Custom tilt angle arms available at extra cost
    • RX Antennae tubes for protection and best signal
    • LED Mounting points front and rear
    • Protected FPV Antennae mounting position
    • FPV Camera mount tilted up by 15 degrees
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK exclusively by Aeroxcraft.
    • This is an airframe kit only. Additional items are required for flight.
    • Custom tilt angle arms are available, please contact Aeroxcraft for more details.
    • Mobius Camera mounting
    • Launch Stand (Helps with grass launches, especially useful when using tilted motors)






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  2. Bartman

    Bartman Welcome to MultiRotorForums.com!!

    Jan 5, 2011
    New Jersey, USA
    Posted by Bartman, Aug 17, 2015 #2
    First impression........FUNKY!
  3. AeroxLee

    AeroxLee Member

    Oct 3, 2013
    Posted by AeroxLee, Aug 17, 2015 #3
    Thank you very much Bartman.
  4. ARhapsody

    ARhapsody New Member

    Jan 5, 2016
    Posted by ARhapsody, Jan 5, 2016 #4
    I like it! Looks are great!

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