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My First Quadcopter, X5UW and I have questions.

Discussion in 'Beginners Drone Forum' started by X5uw_newb, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. X5uw_newb

    X5uw_newb Member

    May 21, 2020
    Posted by X5uw_newb, Jun 14, 2020 #1
    Since I'm home for the quarantine I decided to get myself an my godson beginner drones. I got myself a Syma X5UW and a Simrex X300c. Both have been really fun to use. They were inexpensive and perform surprisingly well for us never having flown before. My X5UW was used (supposedly a display) and after 90 min or so of flight i had a motor issue. I replaced it with motors from Symastore hoping they would be of similar quality. Out of the package one was dead and within 15 minutes the second had overheated and may have damaged the housing. I'm skeptical about getting parts now.

    I'm debating to replace it with another X5UW, so I have it as spare parts and extra batteries. It seems everyone likes them bc theyre easy to repair and maintain. It has been a blast to fly. Seems fast and agile enough for my usage. A better FPV experience would be nice but I doubt I could get into something as fun for the money. I have tried to research what others have done with their X5UW's for repairs and haven't been able to find much since I believe they're just considered disposable toys. Did I just get unlucky with my motors? Symastore gave me a full refund but havent shed much light on the occurrence.

    Can anyone tell me their experiences? Suggestions about where to buy reliable parts? Does anyone fly an X5UW?

    Thanks in advance.

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