mRobotics Location One GPS Failures


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mRobotics Location One GPS
Has anyone had issues? I have been through 4 units all had compass component failures within 20 mins -1 hour of flying time.
Prior to failures, the performance was exceptional, head and shoulders above here2.

I would not buy there product their service is ZERO and they offer no support.
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I bought 2 mRo Location One GPS w/ Compass and Barometer, within one flight the compass failed. Flew the other unit and it failed as well in one flight. Contacted the company gave them flight logs, pictures even talked to a tech to see why the compass no longer showed up. Sent them back to which they found the sensors defective. They immediately blamed me that vibration or shock caused it.
The log showed no vibration that would cause a problem. They replace the parts mailed it back. I tested both units on the bench one work the other failed. The one that was working was flown, within 10 mins, it failed.
Contacted them again, they told me that maybe their product was not for me… as if I’m some amateur. I contacted the sensor manufacture and showed them pictures provided to me by Mro, they told me it was a manufacturing defect.
Mro got the 2 units I sent back I had to email them after they had it for 3 days to which they got back and claimed I attempted to that the sensors of which I did not.
I sent the following email-
This is really turning into a nightmare… Obviously it was damaged in shipping, I sent it back packaged not any better than how it was sent to me. I have been in the manufacture and retail business myself for over 15 years this is getting bizarre. I like how the video does not unveil the unit that was damaged? At this point, I guess I just want my money back, the service I have gotten is just sad.

I’m in the business of UAV manufacturing, I’m not a hobbyist. Based on the manufacturer PNI, they identified a manufacturing defect. We carefully detailed and even had a call with David to diagnose the original units, so I think we proved our competency and interest in making the product successful. IN NO WAY did we damage or dismantle the product. IMO this is not how to support your products especially when you stamp made in the USA.

Their response-

I refunded this customer so that we can be done with them. They are a liability and please refer any orders to me should they attempt to place any more.

I really am disappointed at my treatment and hope no one else is treated like this.


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Phillip Kocmoud
Thanks @james_pattison - At it’s core this is a dissatisfied customer. After a number of attempts to aid them, I decided it was in our best interest to part ways. Sometimes that is the best path forward and I refunded their order even though they returned obviously damaged merchandise. I agree this post does not benefit anyone and is simply another avenue for this gentleman to vent.

This is how MRobotics treats and views their customers .