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Discussion Mavic Pro will NOT descend unless VPS turned off.

Discussion in 'Recreational sUAS Flyers Discussions' started by Beeshopp, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Beeshopp

    Beeshopp Member

    May 25, 2016
    Santa Monica
    Posted by Beeshopp, Feb 6, 2017 #1
    Source from forum

    It seems that I wasn't the only one facing this problem. Since this very informative thread got very big, I will try to summarize it as best as I could:

    Symptom: Mavic will NOT decend
    Mavic will not decend after reaching a certain height (above the limit of the downward VPS sensor). The downward VPS sensor begins to malfunction and assume the ground is near. You'll notice the downward VPS sensor readout fluctuating between 0.1 meters. When there is no readout, you'll be able to lower your mavic until the unit once again assumes the ground is near by.

    How do I bring my mavic down?
    Holding decend stick all the way down will trigger auto-land. Sometimes this will work, most of the time it will not.
    Best action is to go into the menu and turn off the VPS sensor. Flipping into sport mode may do the trick as well (since all sensors are disabled then).

    First, make sure you do a:
    Compass calib
    IMU calib
    RC calib
    VPS calib
    New FWs updates
    New app updates

    All these didn't work for me and many others. Other solutions that seem to work:
    - Turn off the precision landing option (didn't work for me)
    - Use a different app (Lichi) - worked for some, not everyone
    - Turn off downward VPS sensor. Always works!!! --> however you loose precise howvering

    Ultimatley, some are deciding to hold on to their mavics and wait for a firmware fix (Mods suggest a FW fix coming soon)
    Others such as myself ended up sending the mavic in for repairs. I haven't had my Mavic for 3 weeks and still have no updates. Others within a week heard back from DJI that 1) their mavic's logic board was replaced, or 2) their whole mavic is being replaced.

    Seeing how long the repair process is taking, I would recommend turning off the VPS and waiting for a FW fix. I will try to keep this post updated with any new information that arises.

    Original post:
    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I should mentiont I had every single DJI product, and been in the aerial photography/videography business for nearly 8 years - never had a major issue like this that I couldn't diagnose and fix on my own.

    My second Mavic arrived nearly 3 weeks ago - I opened it about 2 weeks ago and so far 4 test flights were conducted on it - all are up/down since that is my problem with it - it will NOT decend. The only way to bring it down is turning off the downward positioning system

    Once the Mavic is up at any altitude (50 feet, 100 etc) , pulling the RC stick down does NOT do anything, infact sometimes it keeps on acending.

    Steps I took:
    Compass calib
    IMU calib
    RC calib
    VPS calib
    New FWs
    New app
    different phones

    Healthydrones + dji's own app shows that I am pulling the sticks fully down, yet the mavic doesn't respond. I also noticed it once start decending on its own at a very fast rate as I began traveling horizontally (seems that autoland was triggered on its own).

    Any help would be truly appreciated

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