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Logistics of flying MRs inside cities.

Discussion in 'Recreational sUAS Flyers Discussions' started by PeterLester, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. PeterLester

    PeterLester Member

    Posted by PeterLester, Sep 3, 2013 #1
    My electric RC delta wing remained stored in my garage for many years because of the difficulty of finding appropriate flying sites within our city.... so I eventually sold it and gave up RC flying until recently.
    Then I bought what I believe is a much more practical machine that can be more easily flown almost anywhere. The MR is a VTOL machine, that is relatively quiet and docile and can land on a dime. I like to land mine in the middle of a manhole cover in the "park" behind my house. Since this area is classified as a storm water runoff area and not a city park, city park regulations against flying RC craft do not currently apply. But when there are people in this area I avoid it and move to a nearby and nearly abandoned soccer field in a former army barracks area.

    IMHO - confining an MR to flights only at MAAC sanctioned flying sites seems abnormally restrictive and restricting aerial videos to such areas would be boring as hell.

    Those who do happen to drop by from time to time are mostly intrigued, ask good questions and are supportive. But sometimes the questions seem to be leading in more controversial direction!

    1) Aren't there laws against that?
    2) Could someone be hurt if it crashes?
    3) Aren't these an invasion of personal privacy?

    Some suggested answers to LEADING questions.

    1) RC flying at the hobby level is not regulated federally nor provincially. Municipal bylaws vary, e.g., (city parks).
    Positive benefits of MRs are being taken into account by means of evolving regulations at the federal level for commercial applications.
    2) Potentials risks are largely mitigated by means of multiple fail safe design features as well as conformance to safe and responsible flying practices by qualified pilots (e.g. no flying over people or vehicles). Bear in mind that there are often full size aircraft flying directly overhead without issue.
    3) This Multirotor camera is a live feed for the purpose of safer flying but is not recording during demo and test flights. Aerial video recording is restricted to commercial applications away from the general public in line with federal and provincial privacy regulations.
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