Live data "Sonar Range" from MinimOSD?

Jason S

Hey Everybody,

I bought a SF11/C laser altimeter and attached to my bird. I want to get the live data from the Laser to a FPV screen. I have attached to a pixhawk then to a MinimOSD to the get the data but cannot see it. The data can be read as sonar range but none of the config tools have it!!!

At the moment i can read it from the usb cable as per the Wiki but its no good when i want to fly!!

I have also tried in DIY Drone forums you can read about it here

can anybody help or know of a different OSD to see the Sonar range live??

MinimOSD config tool doesnt have it so it may look like i have to write the code for it??

Help me!

Jason S

I finally made it happen it reads to the cm!!
parts used :
fc: pixhawk fc

laser: sf11/c

osd: Alceosd 0v3

Its pretty well documented on how to set-up it does require some programming cutting and soldering through the open source mission planner.

documents are here:



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