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For Sale Hexacrafter HC800 Heavy Lifter Custom Built UAV

Discussion in 'Drones For Sale - RTF or ARF' started by Giovanni59, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Giovanni59

    Giovanni59 Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Naples, FL
    Posted by Giovanni59, Dec 6, 2019 #1
    You are looking at a custom built UAV purchased and assembled in 2013. The manufacturer of the frame is Hexacrafter.
    This is a heavy lifter UAV that can be fitted with a multiple of various gimbals to lift large, high end cameras. Right now it is fitted
    with the Hexacrafter HC2 camera gimbal that is calibrated to hold the Sony Nex7, Sony a6000 or comparable camera.

    The flight system installed is the DJI WKM-M.

    The motors are Tiger T-Motors 3520 400kv.

    The props are Tiger T-Motor 15x5 Carbon Fiber

    The ESCs are Maytech 65A.

    The retractable landing gear is Tarot 16" length.

    The WKM flight control is connected to a Spektrum AR9020 and the gimbal is connected to a Spektrum AR8000.

    There is an Immersion 600 mw video transmitter attached
    with a Mad Mushroom Blue Beam Ultra Video Antenna.
    I am also including an extra Tiger T-Motors 3520 in the box as well as 1 pair of Tiger T-Motor 15x5 Carbon Fiber props in the box.
    Also included are 4 pairs of another brand of carbon fiber props similar to the Tiger and the same size.
    It should be noted that the gimbal on this rig is custom built and uses very specific electronics and controlling software and firmware utilizing alexmos
    from 5 years ago. Although completely serviceable by people who are familiar with this technology it is old and outdated. The real value of this rig is the frame,
    the motors, the props, the electronics and flight control, etc. I just figured since it is already attached I might as well include the gimbal.
    I have not flown this drone in about 4 years but it performed perfectly the last time I had it up.
    I have used it to create many professional video productions here in the US as well as in Costa Rica.
    Here are some links to a few of those videos:

    I used a Spektrum DX9 to control the UAV and a Spektrum DX8 to control the gimbal.
    Those two controllers are being sold separately in other e-bay auctions.
    Of course the avionics are quite old and need to have firmware updates or you can install newer electronics if you so desire.
    The main appeal of this drone is the very well engineered frame by Hexacrafter.
    This is being sold as is and whomever buys it must be well educated about high end UAVs and all the components used to create them.
    Building, flying and maintaining drones of this nature is very complicated and takes a lot of knowledge, patience and craftsmanship.
    The reason I am selling is that although I was able to secure good jobs, this area is not very conducive to professional commercials and even movies and television, which I eventually wanted to get into. I have a larger rig that I built after this one, an 1100 mm width instead of 800mm. It is the HC1100 and has a DJI Zenmuse gimbal designed for the Panasonic GH4 4K camera. The HC100 has a much higher lifting capacity than the HC800. It could easily carry any of the professional video cameras out there like the Red Cinema Digital Camera. I am going to list the HC1100 next, I wanted to see what kind of interest there was with the HC800

    I envy anyone's desire to get into this market and wanting to learn more about it. I liked the challenges that came from learning how to build, maintain and fly these huge drones. There is something magical seeing them fly and the power they have. They have been hanging around my house for the last 3-4 years because I was unsure how to market these to aviators who have been switching over to the smaller drones. I am glad to see there is still an interest in these custom built UAVs. Of course there are high end ready to fly systems out there, DJI has several in the $3000 to $5000 range but the one to have is Freefly System's ALTA 8 for $17,500, if you can afford it.

    The gimbal and camera that I lifted with this rig weighs about 5 pounds but I would think this could lift 10 to 12 pounds no problem.
    The issue is how long a flight time you will get. Flight time with any drone is dependent upon the battery capacity being used. I used LiPo batteries between 5000 mah all the way up to 20,000 mah. On the average I was using 8000 mah and with this gimbal and camera combination I was getting about 10 minutes of flight time. Increasing the battery capacity will extend the flight time, (and lifting capacity) but that increase lessens as you use heavier batteries. You are adding more power capacity but you are also adding the increased weight of the battery. Anyone who has delved into custom built UAVs knows of these variables and the flight times can vary even based on the different brands of batteries out there.

    BTW, I don't think I put it in the description, this rig requires two 22.2 volt lipo batteries to fly and as noted 22.2v lipos range in capacity from 5000 mah to 20000 mah.

    Please contact me if there are any questions.

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