Need Help! Help with DX8 Radio and Y6

Errol Levendall

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Hi All,

I am brand new to Y6 - multirotor type of drones with a Spektrum DX8 radio. I started out with a Phantom 3 Pro which I still enjoy today and whenever possible I still make Pictures and videos - depending on my location and the restrictions we experience today. - However, i have very recently purchased a Y6 unit with a DX8 radio - man .... this eagle makes my Phantom bird look like a "Plug & Play" unit. for this reason, I am now seeking best assistance in getting to not only understand this unit - but to program the units so that I can safely take it to the skies without any fear of a crash or fly-away condition.

Detail of the unit.
6xKV710 motors - (T-Motors)
Wookong control board. and psu.
Spektrum AR 8000 unit.
and the radio is the Spektrum DX8.

What I would love to learn - How to program and set up both the radio as well as the unit - best for beginners.
Understanding the use and setting of Trims-Curves-Switches etc.
Importantly the setup and testing of the fail safe as well as the Return to Home feature (how to use) + GPS
Throttle setting and understanding thereof
I need not only to know that the unit is safe to fly but also that I can get it back and safely land the unit.
Share setup file with other members.

Hope to hear from some-one in the not too distant future.
Greetings from Cape Town - South Africa.
Please stay safe.



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