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Help Please Naza Lite - Me -MKron not working!

Discussion in 'Beginners Drone Forum' started by Gaz1111, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Gaz1111

    Gaz1111 New Member

    Apr 1, 2019
    Posted by Gaz1111, Apr 7, 2019 #1
    Hi all. As you may have guessed I have a problem with my drone. I bought it some time ago from a bloke that had an excess and he sent me the drone. It had Naza Lite fitted to it and I bought an MKron radio control. Over the time I've had this thing I have tried to get it working any times. The other day I went further and bypassed the controller to see if the motors work and they do. Today I hooked up the control to my laptop and when I moved the control for throttle rudder etc it worked.
    For the life of me I can't get it to operate.
    Any help greatly appreciated!
    I'd even pay to send it to someone to see if they can fix it!

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