HELP ! Configeration Help on pixhawk 2.4.8. for TAROT 680 pro

Don Cargill

New Member
Hello everyone, I have a Tarot 680 pr0 with a pixhawk 2.4.8 controler board with an AR9020X reciever,
and for the life of me cant get it configured, It at one time was set up and was all good to go, then i did a
firmware upgrade with out doing a back up, i know i know, it was a very laps of judgment but it happend.
so now i am basiclly dead in the water,
My question to everyone is; is there a site or dose anyone have at least a basic configuration setup that i can download and in turn upload to the pixhawk that i can at least add to and or tweek to fit my build?
Any help would very very much appreciated. Thanx.