News Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC Flight Controller


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Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC Flight Controller


Direct 2-6S input.
mpu6000 gyro
Filtered 5V.
Direct stack on xm+ rx
Build – betaflight OSD.
4 in 1 ESC socket and direct solder on 4 in 1 ESC pads.
Build in Camera control resistor and capacitor
Anchor USB port, for more secure and durable
Filtered 5V for camera, Vbat battery for VTX.
Current sensor input from 4 IN 1 esc socket and Solder pad
Inverter for Sbus (on UART1), Inverter for smartport telemetry(UART3)
TX4(uart4) near VTX pads for easy smart audio or tramp wiring
TX6(uart6 ) and RX4 ( uart4 )


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