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News Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC Flight Controller

Discussion in 'Drone Vendor Announcements and Support' started by jaganfpv, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. jaganfpv

    jaganfpv New Member

    Feb 11, 2018
    Bengaluru South
    Posted by jaganfpv, Feb 11, 2018 #1
    Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC Flight Controller


    Direct 2-6S input.
    mpu6000 gyro
    Filtered 5V.
    Direct stack on xm+ rx
    Build – betaflight OSD.
    4 in 1 ESC socket and direct solder on 4 in 1 ESC pads.
    Build in Camera control resistor and capacitor
    Anchor USB port, for more secure and durable
    Filtered 5V for camera, Vbat battery for VTX.
    Current sensor input from 4 IN 1 esc socket and Solder pad
    Inverter for Sbus (on UART1), Inverter for smartport telemetry(UART3)
    TX4(uart4) near VTX pads for easy smart audio or tramp wiring
    TX6(uart6 ) and RX4 ( uart4 )



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