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Discussion in 'Drone Electronics' started by 3L3CTU5, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. 3L3CTU5

    3L3CTU5 New Member

    Aug 27, 2021
    Posted by 3L3CTU5, Aug 27, 2021 #1
    Long story short…

    Got into FPV with the following:

    Tinyhawk 2 RTF
    Tinyhawk 2 Race
    Mobula 7 v2
    Mobula 7 HD
    BetaFPV 75

    Bought in quick succession, played the radio game until settled on a Taranis QX7 Accst flashed with firmware to run D8 reliably.

    First up hardware problems galore. Dodgy JST plug from motor onto AIO FC, replaced motors. Damaged a motor, replaced. Tinyhawk 2 Race never got flying; swapped out FC from RTF and still no joy. Mobula 7 V2 got caught in the radio understanding matrix, ended up with a short, think ESC got cooked. Mobula 7 HD was a win until after a couple of flights seemed to get a bad short and lost LED’s and non-functional. BetaFPV a dream from the start. Cut my teeth on this one.

    Got a couple of simulators going, got the basics of flying acro mode constantly. Realised the nec waitt of Betaflight and BLHeli future and got myself abreast of those. Learned to micro solder and got my head around good soldering practices and clean connections. Radio under control also.

    Where I am now:

    Both Tinyhawks non functioning, have wired and required the Race, but have issues with the entire frame of the drone “shuddering” gently upon arming, and vigorously upon applying throttle. Cannot get the damn thing flying. Both Mobulas are out of action. BetaFPV still running a dream.

    I need to know:

    How in the hell to diagnose issues with wiring etc so that I know what is going wrong with these drones. Multimeter Kung-fu I presume.

    How to work out this shuddering business with a Tinyhawk 2 Race.

    in short how to rid myself of the FPV demons that’s are feasting on my brain and patience.

    Can anyone help me?



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