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Fly Away, My first,,,,,

Discussion in 'Beginners Drone Forum' started by MJW, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. MJW

    MJW Member

    Jan 30, 2020
    Washington State
    Posted by MJW, Feb 3, 2020 #1
    It can happen, not a fun thing.
    Here's how it happened, and not following proper pre-flight after a crash.

    And I've preached this, so it's all on me.

    At the local field, first pack flight, around the abandoned parking lot, line of sight flying, winter trees not leaves and just a minor into the branches, it being a gps drone once it freed itself from the branches it was trying to regain last altitude and position, me, during the drones battle with the entanglement I was working the sticks every which way, throttle back and so on, finally got the blades to lock so it dropped, battery popped out.

    At that point I should have shut off the transmitter, but not wanting to loose all the gps satellites I didn't, just a few seconds of wait time is all it would have been, next red flag, the gyro's didn't want to sync, took a few tries where normally this bird sync's right up.
    I shut the drone off and then back on, sync'd the Tx, spun the bird around, gyros sync'd, unlock and hit auto lift off.
    It came right up to the right height, hovered perfectly, I throttled up just a tad, that was the last time I saw it
    The drone did a full "punch out" as a racer might term it,on it's own,,,,,, smaller and smaller, then nothing.

    I just stood there, staring up,,,,,,,, hoping it would run out of battery quickly, nope, I could see on my Tx it had plenty of battery left,,,,,,,,,,
    I turned off the Tx hoping loss of signal would bring it back,,,,,,,, nope.
    Turned the Tx back on, I was still receiving vitals, and the numbers were still increasing,,,,,,,,,,

    Dismayed, I set that Tx down and tried to look in the direction I thought it would be falling from,,,,

    Where I live here in the Pacific NW, the fir trees abound, the school field is surrounded by trailer parks, that bird is gone forever.

    Oh well, got a good deal on a Drocon Bugs 3 to pick up today, and all the D80's batteries will fit in it,

    I did get another smaller drone out to try and shake off the flyaway, it crashed into the same tree,,,,,,
    That one I was able to retrieve, needless to say, I quit flying for the day, went home, put all the batteries back into storage charge and watched the Chief's take the Bowl !

    I know this won't be the last one, but next time I'm going to practice what I preach,

    Don't get in a hurry to get airborne, take your time and relax after a crash, and do a complete preflight procedure.
    If there's a problem with that then don't fly it, get another bird out.
  2. chucketn

    chucketn Member

    Jan 24, 2020
    Jonesborough, TN
    Posted by chucketn, Feb 3, 2020 #2
    Sorry to hear that!
    Still looking for a good beginner Quad, priced under $50. Tax refund is coming soon, and I hope to have enough left to get my first.

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