Fatshark HDO2 Ipd issue


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Hello pilots!
So after months of practicing and searching for them I finally got Fatsharks. Now come the problems: The first time I tried them I was at home, with the drone on the bench. Turned them on and saw an amazing full and clear image.
Went out in the garden, turned them on again, but started seeing two separate images coming from the two screens. Piloting like this is nearly impossible because my eyes are tricked and don't know where to look. I tried a lipo but crashed many times with a cinewhoop and in general wasn't confident. Have you ever heard or had this issue? is it a matter of getting used to them? (I come from box goggles) I made a friend of mine try them (not a pilot) and he sees the full image like I did once I tried them. Please help me, I've been dreaming of this goggles since I started!
PS I tried a binocular I have at home and after a couple of tries I found the right IPD and was able to see the full image I'm supposed to see with the fatsharks, so my eyes aren't messed up like I thought