Exploring the Majestic Castle of Varaždin - Croatia's Hidden Gem!



The Old Town Castle of Varaždin (Stari Grad) is first mentioned in the 12th century and it is believed to have been the centre of Varaždin county life. The Castle has seen many changes in ownership and has been restored and reconstructed multiple times over the centuries. The castle was first build as a fortress at a junction of roads in the lowlands of the river Drava, and served as the town’s defence throughout its rich history.

During the Renaissance 16th century the Castle had become an excellent example of a contemporary defensive system, which today can still be seen in the structure of its defensive walls. In those times the Turks had conquered Slavonia and were threatening to further invade the Austrian empire. The castle was acquired by the counts Erdodys by the end of the 16th century, they were the hereditary prefects of the Varaždin county and owned the fort and castle until 1925.

Today the castle houses the Varaždin City Museum, with a permanent exhibition of signet rings, sceptres, historic documents, guild collection, cannons, and firearms. A separate department was opened in 2007 which houses glass items, ceramics and a clock collection. The exhibition comprises of ten rooms furnished in period style, and walking through the rooms one can see and experience in chronological order the different styles of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Biedermeier, Historicism and Art deco. Inside the castle is a chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence and a sacristy.