Need Help! ESC or FC problem

B Rad

New Member
Hello everyone, Ive flown camera drones in the past, and even built a couple.These FPV racers are a new animal all together so everything I thought I knew went right out the window so thank you for your help. I recently came across an Xhover drone that was used. I got it with 4 in box motors brand new. After some tests in Betaflight everything seemed to work fine, except two of the motors. I figured they were bad, hence the box of new ones. So I took everything apart (so carefully) and installed the new motors. I'm confident in my soldering skills so I'm sure all went well, but back to Betaflight and the same two motors are dead in the water. Taking these apart as you all know is a risk and can easily make it worse. Is there any way to test the boards to find the exact culprit ? I'm assuming either the ESC or the FC. I Just got back to work cause of this COVID thing, so I would rather not buy all new boards, I know that would be the easiest thing to do, but I like a challenge to. Anyway, got lots more questions but I'll bother you with those later. Thanks so much.