Zero UAV Elementary Knowledge of RC Drone


Multicopter is a special copter with more than three motors. It has six modules, include flying platform, flight control system, propulsion system, remote controller, remote control receiver, PTZ camera.
1. Flying Platform
The size of flying platform is depend on size of oar wing and volume of motor; oar wing longer, larger motor, and then the platform will be increased accordingly. The platform is mainly use light material to reduce drone payload.
2. Flight control system
Flight controller usually built-in sensor such as controller, gyroscope, ,accelerometer and barometric. The drone is depend on this sensor to stability of body, and then cooperate with GPS and barometric to locking at the specified position and height.
3. Propulsion System
Drone propulsion system by the oar wing and motor composition. When oar wing rotation, it can produce reaction forces to lead drone body flight. The propulsion system built-in electronic speed control that adjust speed of motor.
4. Remote Controller
the pilots through remote control to control the drone’s flight.
5. Remote control receiver
Main function is to make the aircraft received by the remote control signal from remote control commands.
6. PTZ camera
At current aerial cameras of drone, some models allow user to assemble their own third-party cameras except the drone manufacturer presets for the camera. The third-party cameras such as Gopro Hero 4 sport cameras or Canon EOS 5D series cameras. Aerial cameras is mainly through Gimbal installed on the aircraft. Gimbal is the most important part in aerial system. It can make shooting pictures more stable.

In addition to six modules above, players can also match their favorite FPV glasses, let experience the feeling of immersive.

What parts need to prepare for DIY quadcopter?
1. Brushless Motor (4 pcs)
2. Electronic Speed Controller (Abbreviation: ESC, 4 pcs. Common brands have Hobbywing, Tatttu, Little Bee T-motor etc.)
3. Propeller (4 pcs)
4. Flight controller (The common brands have KK, FF,ADUINO Open pilot etc.)
5. Battery (11.1v RC lipo battery)
6. Remote control
7. Flying Platform (Not a choice)
8. Charger (Try to choose balance charger)