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Eagle tree osd + fdr // proffesional setup

Discussion in 'FPV and OSD Equipment For Sale' started by LouisD, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. LouisD

    LouisD Member

    Feb 2, 2012
    Posted by LouisD, Jun 2, 2014 #1
    FULL eagle tree proffessional on screen display PLUS flight data recorder setup.

    The best eagle tree has to offer. All the latest versions (All new never used, all together STILL retails at more than £400)

    1 x OSD-PRO, professional on screen display - autopilot, return to home + limitless other programmable features which can be changed all on screen. ( pro users only - who want to be able to change anything)

    1 x Flight data recorder PRO (for live and recorded telemetry of all sensors and mapping) 16 channels of telemetry, uses professional sensing equipment like pitot tubes for extremely accurate AIR speed - unlike GPS sensors which only give you an inaccurate ground speed.

    1 x GPS expander which enables: live and recorded Lat/ Lon, Ground speed, GPS altitude, Distance to pilot, Course plot, UTC timestamp, Integrated Display / 3D Graphing Software Included (MS Windows PC required)

    1 x micro temp sensor

    1 x 140 amp electric expander for Pack current and voltage.

    1 x brushless rpm sensor

    1 x eagle eyes FPV station (diversity receiver, antenna tracker, 4 x buffered video/audio outputs, usb - for live telemetry to your laptop via the OSD PRO - plus way more)

    very proffesional. and I HAVE NEVER USED ANY OF IT! i had two setups this one was never used at all. all latest v4 sensors.

    £125 british sterling.

    thanks! - ill answer any/all questions quickly.


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  2. Billsherenow

    Billsherenow New Member

    Apr 22, 2015
    central fl.
    Posted by Billsherenow, Apr 18, 2017 #2
    Im looking into getting lidar 3D Mapping to map out the topography of properties. This 3D graphing software on your item. would it be any thing that will help work with what im trying to do

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