DJI releases New Firmware V1.2.0.50 for Inspire 1 Pro

The latest Inspire 1 Pro firmware has been released. Download the firmware update package from the product page on the official DJI website
1. Upgrade the firmware to v1.2.0.50.
2. Upgrade the DJI GO app iOS to v2.4.2.
3. Upgrade the DJI GO app Android to v2.4.2.

Major Updates
1. Fixed issue of battery level fluctuation.
2. Fixed issue of flicking lines in night scenes.
3. Fixed issue of flicking dots in dark areas.
4. Reduced noise for photos and video.
5. Decreased the sharpness settings for D-LOG and D-Cinelike.
6. Fine-tuned the tone curve for photos and video.
7. Tuned down 3D denoising for night scenes.

1. This release includes a battery firmware upgrade. Be sure to upgrade all your batteries.
2. The firmware is intended for the Zenmuse X5 camera only. DO NOT mount the Zenmuse X3 for this upgrade.
3. The firmware can be downgraded to v1.0.0.30 or later only.