Castle by the lake - Birini!



The Birini Castle, built in 1860 on the hill next to Lake Birini, is admired for its elegant and expressive outline.

Architect Friedrich Wilhelm Hess designed the castle. The building’s overall architectural style can be classified as Neo-Gothic but its interior design is in the Neo-Renaissance style and features a staircase adorned with wood carvings, historical tile stoves and extravagant rooms.

Today, the hotel in the Birini Castle is a popular venue for banquets and seminars. Guests will enjoy dining in the charming restaurant as well as walking trails and scenic outlooks in the wide park surrounding the hotel. Since 2009, the Birini Castle is used as a backdrop for the opening credits the #1 Latvian TV series - UgunsGreks (Fire), where action takes place in a family-run hotel.