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SOLD beware of eBay when selling anything new and popular

Discussion in 'Drones For Sale - RTF or ARF' started by Smertrios, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Smertrios

    Smertrios New Member

    Oct 2, 2016
    Posted by Smertrios, Oct 2, 2016 #1
    Recently found out first hand just how easy it is to buy something and then get the money back (as a victim). Seriously all you do is buy the item, get the item, start a return claiming its not as described and stick to your story about how its "significantly not as described" (broken, dif color, etc...), when the wait time to "work it out with the seller" is over ebay forces the seller to return the item using a label the seller had to pay for (ship an empty box, some used damaged item, etc...), get your money back. If the seller tries to fight it by waiting to "let ebay step in" it works even better but it takes a few days longer. There are a few guides available to fine tuning this scam and doing it better but from the looks of it just about everyone could do this at least once and get away with both an expensive item and eventually the money withoutout anything more than a pist off seller and the inconvenience of a trip to the post office.

    There are many free guides available and even some that are for sale on ebay that tell how to steal from people on ebay both as a buyer and a seller. How can it be so simple? Consumer warranty law and ebays streamlined buyer biased system allows it. Basically buyers have an implied warranty for the item they buy and if its SNAD (significantly not as described) the seller gets to pay for return shipping and has to receieve the item back. Its a "trust based law" that is susposeto work because "most people are honest most of the time" but ebay by making it a nearly automated process has taken this law and this type of fraud to a level it does not exist at anywhere else. Literally anybody could be doing it!

    This is just an FYI for anyone buying and selling on ebay... someone may try to upgrade an item by sending you their old crashed piece of !#$%. It is a problem for both buyers and sellers the above describes the process for comitting fraud as a buyer but there are equally efficent scams for sellers.
  2. SamuelN

    SamuelN Member

    Dec 15, 2012
    Posted by SamuelN, Oct 3, 2016 #2
    Thank s for the info.

    Enviado desde mi LG-D855 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Peterev

    Peterev Member

    May 4, 2016
    Hove, UK.
    Posted by Peterev, Oct 3, 2016 #3
    The feedback and return systems prevents the seller scams dead in their tracks, eBay is totally buyer biased unless you've built an unblemished and significant seller profile in which case they will, in my experience, support you.

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