Best small, cheap, foldable drone w/GPS & gimbal?


It has been a few years since I looked into drone options and even back then the number of possible choices was pretty overwhelming to me. I bought a few like several Syma X5C's (because I kept losing them in the lake), a LiDi R/C, a Hubsan X4 H502S FPV Desire which I considered to be fantastic for the price but it didn't have a gimbal so video was bouncy, and finally a Phantom 3 Advanced.

Recently I've gotten interested in something smaller and foldable that has GPS, return home and a gimbal. Not wanting to pay the price of a Mavic since this is just a casual hobby to me but thinking by now there might be something similar for considerably less money I did a search for cheap drones with GPS and a gimbal and found quite a few results. So many I was again pretty overwhelmed by the number of possibilities. So I did a search for dji mavic clones and again was overwhelmed by the number of results, but it appeared that for the most part it was a lot of different places a person could buy a much smaller number of different models. So I'm asking to see what people would suggest as the best low priced drone that will fold, has GPS, and a gimbal for stable video. I'm not interested in the highest resolution camera for video, just something basic but steady.

Thank you for any suggestions!