battery expanded with my Eachine EX4, (JJRC X12)


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So my Eachine EX4, (JJRC X12) drone was last used back in September of last year, 2020 and it was in the case in my house at room temperature stored safe. But when I just got the 2 batteries back out to charge them, one has expanded so much that the battery case pushed off the bottom cover piece. Also I can not force push it back in to be able to close it as it was originally. Which then makes the battery not usable. Is there any way to prevent this issue, or has the maker created a design fix to correct this? So I want to sell this drone with 1 battery, extra propellers, case, and all the paper work instructions and so on included. It cost me total $252. with shipping and tax back on 7-25-2020 with 2 batteries and a case. Make an offer?