Bait drone

Stephan Grobler

New Member
Howzit guys. I am looking for advise and help from the community. Im wanting to build a drone for fishing. But I have certain requirements and having no drone experience I dont know how to go about it.

My drone requirements:

1)Must use 4 servos to carry and release 4 baits. Looking for at least a 2kg payload weight.

2)I would like to save numerous gps positions to have consistent bait drop locations. Also a return to home function. The bait drop does not need to be autonomous only the flight paths.

3)failsafe function. When there is loss of signal or low battery that the drone will return home.

4)live video feed.

5)very long flight range in open spaces.

My background: I am a plumber. Thus technically inclined. I have no programming experience or drone building experience.

Was thinking of purchasing parts every two months or so and slowly construct the drone.

Does anyone have advise on where I can find out on accomplishing this task or parts that I would need?

Jason S

if you have no drone experience i would just buy one thats already built for what u need. Have a search on youtube and google you find what u want..

then you can fish and not have to worry about the drone