APD ESCs beeping 6 times

Roi Neustadt

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APD ESCs are beepping a 6 times sequence and won't arm. I looked into APDs troubleshooting page and it says:

" Turning on the ESC causes 6 beeps immediately: There is an error with the signal connection. There is throttle being applied to the ESC above the arming point (above 1020uS) and check that the throttle channel is not reversed. The ESC is disabled for your protection."

I looked into the Mission Planner radio calibration setup section and indeed, the throttle minimum value, even when trimmed to the lowest, was above1020uS.

I went into the RC transmitte mixer and set the value of sub-trim to a -20 value (it was 0 before), went back to the Mission Planner radio calibration page and the value, even without trimming was below 1020uS.

But the ESCs are still beepping the 6 beeps warning sequence and won't arm.

Regarding the other option APD mentions, throttle values go up as i push the throttle stick up, so i assume throttle channel is not reversed?

What could be the problem?
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